First of all, a very BIG THANK YOU for supporting our event!  Please retain this information for your records and if you have any further questions please get in touch.

Performers Manager         speakers@pagantribalgathering.org.uk
Operating as a Performer:

For the purposes of this document "we" refers to the event organisers, the site owners and the crew and staff of both. The term "performer" refers to any provider of service to the attendees of the event, including bands, musicians, entertainers, speakers, workshop leaders etc.

By completing the Performer's Agreement you have agreed to attend, participate and provide the entertainment stated on the above agreement.  You have a duty of care to arrive at your performance venue in good time and in a fit state to perform (ie. not under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances).  If you arrive in any manner our event staff deem unfit, we have the right to cancel your performance without prior notice or compensation.

We have a duty of care to protect your safety and the safety of others and will offer you assistance in the event of any altercation.  However we accept no legal responsibility for any disputes that may arise between Performers and attendees.

All Performers must be aware they are operating under their own public liability, and if necessary, should obtain appropriate insurance to perform.  If you already have public liability insurance cover for your performance, please supply us with a copy for our records, thank you. You agree that you perform at your own risk and that we will not be held responsible for any illness or injury incurred in the course of your attendance.

If you have equipment which is integral to your performance (such as band instruments/gear) please let us know in advance what your requirements are and we will provide appropriate assistance.

So that everything runs smoothly and in-keeping with the advertised programming, please make note of your pre-advertised times and report to your venue at these times, thank you.