Pagan Tribal Gathering - Pagan Tribal Gathering UK - Terms & Conditions
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We subscribe to the code of conduct as described by the Pagan/Heathen Symposium here

Please bring your ticket to the site entrance on arrival. A wristband will be issued and must be worn for the duration of the event. All campsite rules must be followed in addition to the event rules. Organisers take no responsibility for any of the facilities provided by the site owners including but not limited to the swimming pool, bar, restaurant and opening times.

Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless the event is permanently cancelled. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event and will not accept responsibility for any losses, costs or expenses which may result from such cancellation except for the refund of the ticket price paid. The organisers reserve the right to postpone or alter the date, venue or programme without notice. The purchaser of the tickets is responsible for all members of their party knowing and abiding by these terms and conditions.

Photographs, visual or audio recordings of the event and its attendees, activites, bands, speakers etc  are not permitted, please respect the privacy of everyone else - personal pics (selfies etc) are permitted.

The organisers and the venue owners take no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property on the site or during the event. We will provide reasonable staff and procedures to comply with safety regulations and reasonable security issues.

Any issues of site safety, health or welfare concern or security must be addresses to organisers and their staff who will be clearly identifiable through wearing of hi-vis clothing. No hi-vis clothing to be worn by anyone not on the organisers or site team, crew and staff. First Aid and other emergency provisions have been made, attendees agree to abide by any directions given by organisers, site owners or their staff at any time. Please familiarise yourself with fire points and other safety procedures and notices around the site.

All children must be properly supervised by parents, guardians or appropriate adult at all times. Some activities may require adult accompaniment at the direction of the organisers and their staff, especially the rituals and activities around the fire pit area of the site.

No animals are permitted except guide dogs or dogs with a pre-purchased ticket. Dogs must be on a lead and under control at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs, bins are provided. Please consider safety issues with long leads and tethers, also the welfare of your dog in hot weather. Please do not approach any dog without the owner's permission.

Camping zones may have different rules, please abide by these and ensure you are camped in an area as directed by staff on arrival.

Cooking is permitted strictly on stoves and barbeques that do not touch or mark the grass in any way. All stoves, barbecues and cooking equipment must be used at least 2 metres from the nearest tent or other canvas/nylon structure. No personal open fires are permitted.

Noise Curfews:  Camping Zone: Midnight. This excludes the use of drums for which the curfew is 23.00 anywhere on site. No amplified music is allowed on site at any time. Everyone at the event agrees to respect the rights of everyone else to be undisturbed in their own camping pitch if they so wish.

All rubbish must be cleared from the site (including cigarette butts). Bins, including recycling, are provided on site but attendees are encouraged to be environmentally aware. Strictly no dumping of non-camp rubbish. Broken camp equipment etc must be taken off site by attendees.

The organisers will provide fitepit arrangements. The firepit must be treated as a "sacred space" and is to be used respectfully by all attendees - ABSOLUTELY NO RUBBISH TO BE THROWN IN THE FIRE AT ANY TIME, anyone wishing to tend the fire MUST do so ONLY with permission and supervision of authorised staff.

All activities, talks and workshops are first-come-first-served basis, some activities may have limited numbers and the organisers take no responsibility for a ticket holder's failure to gain entry to any activity for any reason. Some activities may not be suitable for children, parental discretion may be required. Anyone (including dogs or children) who disrupt an activity may be required to leave and all attendees agree to comply with organisers and staff requests to do so.

The organisers and the site owners reserve the right to refuse admission and/or to require any attendee to leave the premises for any reason at any time and without warning at their reasonable discretion including but not limited to health and safety, environmental, security, legality or breach of any of these terms and conditions.

Those who have not purchased a Trader's ticket are not entitled to engage in any trade of any sort, any attempt to sell or trade any item or persuade an official trader to do so on their behalf is strictly prohibited.

No refunds will be issued to anyone refused entry or ejected from the event or any of its activities.

Vehicles must be parked as directed by the organisers and their staff who will endeavour to permit parking next to your camping pitch if at all possible. All vehicles moving on site must have clear hazard warning lights on and must travel strictly at or below the 5mph speed limit. Guests are encouraged not to make unnecessary use of vehicles during the event, if there is an expected need to leave the site, please let our team know in advance so we can make suitable arrangements for you.

Anti-social or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.  Appropriate action will be taken if such behaviour is engaged in by any attendee, members of event or site staff, traders, performers, visitors, members of the public or any other individual, and regardless of whether an individual has any extenuating circumstances including intoxication, pre-existing conditions or the like.  Our performers and event staff have the right to go about their duties and the site without hassle or abuse and our visitors have the right to protection against any aggressor regardless of who they are. If you see any individual being aggressive, violent, or indulging in inappropriate or anti-social behaviour please REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to any member of event or site staff present.  Likewise if you find yourself the focus of anti-social behaviour please notify a member of event staff etc who will be glad to offer assistance and deal with the incident in accordance with our policies governing security, health & safety and confidentiality. This includes acts of religious discrimination, along with other acts of discrimination including but not limited to racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, ableism, etc

The organisers reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.