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About Pagan Tribal Gathering

The Pagan Tribal Gathering is a chilled out camping event, family and pet friendly with a spiritual theme leaning towards paganism. There will be speakers on various esoteric topics, workshops on everything from magical ritual to simple meditation. We have several rituals during camp, parade, fire sculpture, entertainers, bands, music, good food and, of course, great company!

No, you don't have to be a Pagan to attend !!!!

We welcome all who come with a good heart and good intent, we do ask that if you do not wish to take part in any of the activities that you behave respectfully and courteously to those who do, don't hold a loud mobile phone call standing in the ritual circle for example ! Here is some further advice and information aimed at first time or newcomers to Pagan events and for non-pagans in the pagan community.

2018 was the first year of the event, it was called "Birthing of a new tribe" and for good reason. The rituals on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all about community, about the sharing of new currents and streams and of people from different paths of life coming together to weave a magical dance . . . and have a bit of fun together in the sunshine and in the firelight.

2019 saw the event become "Ignite the tribe" and we had a wonderful weekend  culminating in a tremendous atmosphere at the labyrinth and ritual parade, hundreds of people whirling around the fire as our magnificent Fenix transformed in the flames.