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Have questions? Here are some of things we've most frequently been asked:

Do I have to be a Pagan to attend?
No, we welcome people of all faiths, no faiths and any interests - provided you come with a good spirit and are prepared to be courteous and respectful to those with differing views to your own. Here is some further advice and information aimed at first time or newcomers to Pagan events and for non-pagans in the pagan community.

Can I bring kids and pets?
Well behaved dogs and children are welcome, but please keep them on their leads (the dogs, not the kids!). Don't forget to add them to your booking form.

What are Pagan rituals like?
Pagan rituals at the camp are a communal joining of energy, a sharing and celebration of the camp and its community. They are designed and run for everyone present, not just pagans and are worked in such a way as to be inclusive to all present regardless of specific faith, path or otherwise. The fire on site is lit at the beginning of the event and is considered a sacred part of the spirit of the event (so plese respect it, no litter to be thrown in and please talk to our firekeepers for directions and guidance around the fire and firepit area.

What sort of facilities are there on site?
The site is a well establishing camping site with good facilities, there are toilets (though we use portaloos in the camping fields), showers, running water and a bar (indoors) serving hot food and drinks. There is no electricity on the camping field and the caravan electric hook ups are limited (so book early!). Our crew and the campsite staff are always on hand to help you out if you need something.

Those boring Ts & Cs
We know people online very rarely read the terms and conditions but it really is worth a look at ours just so you know what to expect from us and others at PTG:   PTG Terms & Conditions

Contact Us
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