Pagan Tribal Gathering - Pagan Tribal Gathering UK - Covid 2021
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2021 - Covid-19

It is our priority to keep everyone at camp safe and healthy and for the 2021 year we are aiming for a covid-free event and will be introducing the following measures to ensure the best and safest possible experience for all attendees:

Every attendee will be required to undertake a lateral flow test for Covid-19 on arrival at the event and in the presence of our gate crew or other staff which includes trained and qualified medical professionals. There are no exceptions. We request that everyone attending bring their own test kit - which are available for order for free from the UK Government by clicking here.

We advise all attendees to perform a test on themselves BEFORE setting off to the event and not to travel if the result is positive.

With the above measure in place we are advised by local health professionals, our own insurers and other advisory bodies that we will be in compliance with legal regulations and the following regulations will apply during the event:

Face masks and 2 metre social distancing will be optional (although still advised).  We ask everyone to respect others' choices in these matters and we advise sensible and reasonable precautions at all times. No one will be required, obliged or compelled to break the 2 metre advisory if they do not wish to and we would point to the Pagan & Heathen Symposium's code of conduct which we subscribe to as detailed in our normal terms and conditions, and we add deliberate non-consensual breaching of someone else's social distancing to the unacceptable behaviour section for this year's camp.

We would ask everyone to be extra vigilant and sensible, to bring ample sanitiser and to keep themselves, their property and the site itself as clean as possible at all times.  While toilet and shower facilities will be provided as usual and additional cleaning procedures will be applied we would ask campers to consider bringing their own portaloo or similar device (the site has a proper emptying and disposal point).

We remind you of our other terms and conditions all of which also apply. If you have any queries or issues please contact us through Social Media or by email on